1. Hi followers,

    I am officially moved and settling in Minneapolis. It’s lovely to back in the Midwest. I will be putting up my newer zines in my store soon. Once I am settled, I will be producing more work that I am excited to share with you.

    Thank you so much for your support.


  2. Portland Zine Symposium haul. #pzs2014

  3. Come visit me at table 27b at Portland Zine Symposium! Today and tomorrow, 11am-5pm, Ambridge Event Center. #pzs2014

  4. My twenty four hour zine, What Is Up With Your Fruity Name?, is finished!! I will have them at the Portland Zine Symposium. (at Independent Publishing Resource Center)


  5. I am writing a 24 hour zine about my name/legal name change/how changing identity is self determination. Do you have a question about my name? Ask me and your question/my answer might end up in my zine!


  6. My next zine//24 hour comic. It’s about autonomy, identity, and self determination.

  7. The Past Two Years, Part Two: Done!

  8. Covers: printed and cropped!!! (at AIR: Artists Image Resource)

  9. Made it into the Pittsburgh City Paper! They screwed up and said I’m from Brooklyn, but hey, press is press.

  10. A sneak preview of The Past Two Years, Part Two.