1. NEW YORK FOLLOWERS—mark your calendars! Thirty Days In Brooklyn will debut as a zine! We are having a zine release party/comics reading/potluck at the Koz Collective. I will be doing a live comics reading, and will fill you, special guest, in on behind the scenes and side stories from Thirty Days In Brooklyn. All of the original artwork will be on display, and zines and prints will be for sale. Bring a dish to pass!

    Potluck/art viewing/lingering: 6pm
    Reading: 8pm
    After Party: who knows???

    Spread the word—see you there!!

  2. A lot of mundane activities, and then a maiden bike voyage to Manhattan!

  3. Work, play, work.

  4. Today’s comic is late due to technical difficulties. Here you go!

  5. Coney Island adventure day. Day 9, Thirty Days in Brooklyn.


  7. I guess I’ll be seeing my Chicago followers at CAKE!

  8. Happy Friday! Here’s day seven from Thirty Days in Brooklyn.

  9. redeyednblue:

    The Broken Angel House, one of the most amazing places in Brooklyn, is getting shut down. Arthur Wood, the 84-year old tenant of 30 years, is getting evicted by his landlord. There are two parties going down tomorrow, Friday March 15, as fundraisers to help Wood keep his home. Head down to the Broken Angel at 4pm for a block party, and then around 8 the party will move to the Irondale at 85 S Oxford. You can also pitch in online to help out. Help out a neighbor, Brooklyn!

    I saw this house today for the first time. It is in the process of being torn down. Sad.

  10. April 6, from the upcoming comic Thirty Days In Brooklyn.